In Monster Intelligence, Melvin the monster is another year older but still not old enough for his license to scream. His birthday wish changes that and he’s granted his wish on the condition of passing his test. Learning this new information can be difficult for Melvin and he sets off on a quest to learn with his friend Red the Rat by his side. Populated by a cast of friendly, colorful monsters and original songs from rock to classical, jazz, pop, and Broadway standards, makes this a journey never to forget. As the story unfolds, the audience will identify with the various learning styles and gain confidence to tap into their own “monster intelligence.” This is a Broadway-style musical for the entire family. Download the “Monster Intelligence”¬†photo collage PDF¬†for updated set images.

Musical Monsters is an edited version of Monster Intelligence using the same learning journey as the show’s framework with added dialog focusing on music appreciation. Additional narration from Red the Rat teaches the audience about the various music styles from rock to country, classical, jazz, pop, Broadway standards, and an added Latin, salsa-style song unique to the Musical Monsters show.